Health Research Forum

The aim of Health Research Forum is to develop an up-to-date public health policy based on scientific evidence. It takes time, often decades, for new scientific ideas to be accepted and assimilated, first into the general body of scientific knowledge and finally into policy. We want to reduce this time to the minimum so that benefits of research leading to a better understanding of health will become available without delay. We hope to provide policy makers with better information on which to base national health policy and individuals with better information on which to base choices about their lifestyles.

New ideas in health and medicine will be presented and discussed in Health Research Forum by people working in the health disciplines, by academics and by journalists. Reports will be published on this website and when possible as hard copy for distribution free to the media and to libraries. Health Research Forum is a not-for-profit organisation based in London, UK.

Latest Articles


A suntan is not only healthy, it can be life-saving

By Oliver Gillie, The Telegraph
18 August 2014

Oliver Gillie, who is battling leukemia, explains why he blames the disease on a lack of exposure to the sun


Controlled trials of vitamin D, causality and type 2 statistical error

By Oliver Gillie, Public Health Nutrition - Lancet
16 September 2014

Review Article


Vitamin D – could it stop ‘modern’ diseases?

By Oliver Gillie, Telegraph
10 March 2014

Award-winning writer and scientist believes Vitamin D deficiency is behind the increase in MS, diabetes, schizophrenia and asthma


On vitamin D, the so-called experts have it wrong, U.K. researcher says

By Oliver Gillie, National Post
25 November 2015

Studies that call into question if vitamin D can help prevent disease use questionable statistical analysis