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A suntan is not only healthy, it can be life-saving

By Oliver Gillie
The Telegraph 18 August 14

Oliver Gillie, who is battling leukemia, explains why he blames the disease on a lack of exposure to the sun

Controlled trials of vitamin D, causality and type 2 statistical error

By Oliver Gillie
Public Health Nutrition - Lancet 16 September 14

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Vitamin D – could it stop ‘modern’ diseases?

By Oliver Gillie
Telegraph 10 March 14

Award-winning writer and scientist believes Vitamin D deficiency is behind the increase in MS, diabetes, schizophrenia and asthma

On vitamin D, the so-called experts have it wrong, U.K. researcher says

By Oliver Gillie
National Post 25 November 15

Studies that call into question if vitamin D can help prevent disease use questionable statistical analysis

The Sunshine Cure – Vitamin D: are you getting enough?

By Oliver Gillie
Independent 22 August 06

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When nanny did know best

By Oliver Gillie
The Parliamentary Monitor 01 February 04

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Sunlight ‘vital to good health’ by Ian Sample

11 July 20